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The cinematic history of America is incomplete without the mention of legendary filmmaker, director, and producer, Stanley Kubrick. In a career that sustained form 1951 to his death in 1999, he has come to be recognized as one of the most influential filmmakers ever to have lived with works across genres. He is recognized for many exceptional works including The Killing and many others that changed a thing or more about cinematography as it is today.

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American Country Legend Merle Haggard was many things at many different times. Aside from being a country singer, he was a songwriter, guitar player and a skilled player of several other musical instruments. Merle was part of those that formed The Strangers music band that rebranded country music to what it is today especially with after composing the Bakersfield sound which is said to be a combination of harmonies with the popular steel-made guitar.

Merle Haggard is credited with the release of several hit albums among his 70 albums released which had 600 songs in them including those he wrote himself that amounted to 250. He also had 38 songs that topped the U.S country chart at the number 1 spot and as his success spread, Merle Haggard got international recognition which included his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1994 and a spot in the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 1997, among many other awards he received during his lifetime.

Some of the country legend’s popular albums among many others include Someday We’ll Look Back, If We Make It Through December, The Fighting Side of Me and A Working Man Can’t Get Nowhere Today. His number one hit songs include I’m a Lonesome Fugitive, Branded Man, Sing Me Back Home, Bar Room Buddies, I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink, My Favorite Memory, Big City, Yesterday’s Wine, and Going Where the Lonely Go.

Merle Haggard’s Net Worth

It is of a fact that Merle Haggard had a very successful music career that gained him not only international recognition but also rewarded him financially for his success. At the time of his death, he had amassed a net worth that was pegged at $40 million.

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Some movies will always resonate with the American audience irrespective of new blockbuster hits and advances in cinematography. One of such movies is the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life, a movie in which James Stewart is most remembered for. James also featured the military aviation film Strategic Air Command which was released by Paramount pictures in 1955.

Asides acting, James Stewart had a stellar career as a military man during the Vietnam War and World War II. He rose to the rank of Brigadier General, and till date holds the record of the highest-ranking actor in the Miltary.

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Make way Ireland Boys, a new boy beauty vlogger is in town. Edward Avila is one of the boy beauty bloggers in Korea. He is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger whose looks is mostly inspired by K-Pop idols. Of course, the perception of men wearing makeup is different in Korea compared to the United States. In the US, men wear makeup as a way to show their creativity and art but in Korea, it is more about enhancing their features.

Eddy, as his friends call him did not just become famous without anything to show for it. His beauty-related videos on YouTube as well as his sense of humor and extensive knowledge of all things K-beauty earned him a place in the world of celebrities.

In case you already know your way around makeup as a man, feel free to point any man who is a little apprehensive about experimenting with corrective makeup in the direction of Edward Avila’s channel. Read more details about his bio, family, and orientation.

Edward Avila’s Bio, Age

Born Edward Avila on April 2, 1992, the beauty vlogger’s birthplace is in California, the United States of America. Avila is obviously of American nationality but belongs to the American-Filipino ethnicity. He spent his early years in his hometown in California but after he came of age, he moved to Seoul, Korea all by himself, sometime in 2013. He has also lived in Germany for about four years.

The media is not overflowing with information about his educational background, however, it appears Avila is well educated from what could be gathered from his online activities.

In 2006, while he was still living in the US, Edward Avila launched his YouTube channel under the name mrpanda101. Then, his main focus wasn’t beauty and its related topics, like he has made it his mainstay these days. At the time, the video sharing was the thing and the blogger didn’t want to be left out in the trend thus he joined the community. He mostly posted videos of his friends and also shared his random or creative contents, but nothing much about beauty, i.e. if he posted anything on the topic at all.

However, when he became a senior in high school, Avila sought ways to deal with his acne, which has started popping up then. He resorted to makeup, thus, redirecting his focus to what would become his mainstay and signature. From learning how to deal with acne, he also wanted to know how to cover up dark circles and breakouts. The answer came with inspiration through another YouTuber, Michelle Phan in one of his vlogs where he was showing men how they can use makeup. Edward Avila decided to taste the deep waters of vlogging and has not had a cause to look back since then even with the several controversies he has brewed in the course of his career.

Far from the days when he used makeup to cover his seeming blemishes which actually led him to beauty vlogging, Edward Avila now thinks of the art as a way of putting out one’s best, enhanced version of oneself to the world. He renamed his channel to Edward Avila and now posts his K-pop idols inspired looks. He also draws inspirations from other makeup artists as well as seasons and weather which inspires the moods he displays.

Interestingly, recreating the K-pop idol look is not his only preoccupation. Edward Avila has an obsession with a member of the South Korean k-pop band Monsta X known as Wonho an is also a huge fan of the girl groups 9Muses and Red Velvet. He has also tried his hand in music. He collaborated with Trophy Cat to release a couple of songs. Also, he was cast in a YouTube show called Beauty Beasts which is all about everything related to fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

Besides the benefits he grabs from taking care of his skin, especially his facials, Avila’s beauty routine matches up to other men in Korea who wear makeup. Through his videos, they are able to see the importance of maintaining one’s appearance, skin, and overall complexion. One thing his fans love about him is his honesty. He bares his no-makeup face as well as talks about his surgeries including his lip fillers and rhinoplasty. Courtesy of his video contents which ranges from no-makeup makeup to full-on bronze sultry eyes, he has amassed more than 1.3 million subscribers and his videos have racked up over 150 million views.

Avila is also active on Instagram via his edweird0 account where he has earned more than 472,000 followers.

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Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel is a celebrity kid who became a focus of media attention in the entertainment industry and beyond after his parents shared the news of his arrival to the press. And ever since he started living with other members of his families in their mansion, the amount of media coverage he receives has continued to spiral upwards.

Samuel was born to celebrity parents who are successful as well in their own rights. Like most famous parents, Ireland Boys and the father of her child have been trying their best to ensure Johan lives a normal life and also grow up away from the cameras. Here are all the facts about the young boy and his family.

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A lot of comedians, actors, and actresses who are now famous emerged out of the American late-night live television variety show titled Saturday Night Live. The show which premiered in the year 1975 has been on air for many years and is undoubtedly one of the longest-running network television programs in the United States. In the course of its airing, one of the stars who has emerged out of it is Molly Shannon.

Before SNL, she began her career in the year 1987 as a hostess but has considerably grown over the years. Molly is today recognized as a talented comedian and actress with a slew of works which cuts across film, television series, web series and even an appearance in a music video. Here is an account of her biography and all that is deserving for you to know about the talented entertainer.

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If NFL players wore badges and pins like army generals, Jason Taylor’s apparel would be decked out with them. The NFL defensive end may be retired now, but his record and recognitions continue to inspire a new generation of players.

After being drafted in 1997, Jason spent his entire career with the Miami Dolphins, save for two seasons where he played for the Washington Redskins and the New York Jets. He holds various NFL sack and fumble records that will make any defensive end green with envy. In his playing days, Jason was a six-time Pro Bowler, a four-time All-Pro and a myriad of other awards.

He joined the other Hall of Famers before him in 2017 when he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Jason Taylor’s Bio

Jason Paul Taylor’s life on earth began on September 1, 1974, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he was born and also raised. Taylor played football during his time at Woodland Hills High School and the University of Akron, continuing to hone his talent along the way.

His time at the University saw him play for the football and basketball teams. He won numerous honors such as the All-Mid-American Conference (junior and senior year). In 2004, he became only the third person in the history of the Akron Zips basketball team to earn a place in the Akron’s Ring of Honor. Taylor was a letterman for his four years at Akron and a starter for three of those years. He would later graduate with a degree in political science and criminal justice.

Professional Career

Jason went pro with the Miami Dolphins after he was selected as the 73rd overall pick by the franchise at the 1997 NBA Draft. Signed to a four-year deal worth $1.3 million, it did not take long for the defensive end to assert himself on the team’s roster. He became a starter in his rookie season and recorded five sacks. By his third season in 1999, the established player gained his first NFL interception. He would go on to earn seven more throughout the course of his career.

After playing the 2000 season on a one-year tender deal and earning a place in his first Pro Bowl, Justin was rewarded with a six-year contract worth $42 million on July 24, 2001.

By the time Jason was leaving the Dolphins at the end of the 2007 campaign, he had garnered four more Pro Bowl call-ups and the fourth All-Pro selection of his career. He was also named NFL Defensive Player of the Year for his efforts in the 2006 season and was named to the All-time Miami Dolphins team in 2007.

Moving away from the Dolphins, Jason Taylor signed on with the Washington Redskins on July 20, 2008. However, his time with the team was just seven months long as he was let go on March 2, 2009, because he had refused to participate in off-season conditioning drills.

He returned to the Dolphins for the 2009 season and in a game against the New York Jets on November 1, 2009, he became the NFL record holder for most returned fumbles for a touchdown and most defensive touchdowns by a defensive lineman. He was traded to the New York Jets for the 2010 season where he was involved in his first Conference Championship game.

After he was let go by the Jets due to a subpar 2010 campaign, he returned to the Dolphins for his third stint with the team and what was the last season of his career. After announcing his retirement in December 2011, Taylor’s final game came in a victory over his immediate former team, the New York Jets on January 1, 2012.

Jason retired with some prestigious NFL records. He was sixth on the league’s all-time sack list and sat at the top spot for most defensive touchdowns by a defensive lineman. He also garnered 47 career-forced fumbles, 29 recovered fumbles, with six of those returned for touchdowns.

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